4 Free Youtube SEO Tools for Beginners

With Free Youtube SEO Tools for Beginners, you can lift the organic views of your YouTube videos and rank better on Google and YouTube.

Want to get off to a strong start on YouTube? You need firstly the best YouTube keyword tool to search the main goals, increase views and rank your youtube videos fast.

In this article, I will give you a list of the best YouTube keyword research tools and free Youtube SEO tools for beginners. Some are free tools, others are paid.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. It has more than 2 billion monthly active users worldwide. And if you want to join YouTube to start your channel, you have to start hard.

Unfortunately, there is no official YouTube keyword research tool. But the good news is that there are many third-party tools to help you perform a content search for your YouTube channel.

You can always start with the free version and upgrade it gradually as your business grows.

Read on the best YouTube video ranking software following:

TubeBuddy – Best Paid Keyword Tool in 2022

TubeBuddy is a browser that helps you do keyword research and more for your YouTube channel. They have a free plan and paid subscription plans from $7.2 to $39.2 per month, depending on what suits you.

TubeBuddy is an all-in-one solution for all your YouTube stuff. From increasing productivity to leveraging data and research. Features have 5 main categories which are listed below:

Productivity: This feature helps you to publish your videos with a specific schedule, and add video thumbnails.

Promote: The tool allows you to know the best time to publish videos on your channel. It also helps you to randomly select the winner if you hold a contest. You can also post the same video to other social media platforms.

Data: It helps you monitor any activity related to your brand, backup your YouTube channel, and understand your growth through detailed analytics. You can also give your team members access to your TubeBuddy account if your account is managed by more than one person.

YouTube SEO: TubeBuddy tool also does everything related to SEO. It automatically translates videos to increase your visitor range, tracks your ranking, and does video A/B testing. In addition, TubeBuddy’s keyword explorer gives you topic suggestions, search volume, and more.


MorningFame – A great tool for keyword research on YouTube SEO

It is a simple and inexpensive keyword tool. For a free 30-day trial of MorningFame, click the invitation link to get MorningFame 30-Day free trial invitation code.

Pricing starts at $4.90 per month if you are just starting out on YouTube. In addition to that, the tool provides you with complete keyword analysis.

MorningFame’s YouTube keyword research tool offers you many features to grow your channel like a pro. Let’s take a look at it:

Choose the topic of the video: To help you come up with keywords based on your topic or video.

Choose a target search term: Get popular and uncommon keywords related to your keyword.

Target keyword research and evaluation: Find out the keyword’s search level (low, medium, high)

Optimizing your metadata (meta description): Make your content as relevant to your keywords as possible.


KeywordTool.io is a YouTube SEO tool

KeywordTool.io is a unique tool that searches keywords and displays their ratings and competition level.

For example, I fell back on 178 unique keywords for “email marketing” with this results page:

What distinguishes this tool is that it displays the cost of clicks on ads. For example, if you search for the keyword “commission shopping” you will see the value of the click on the ads in the video.

The tool also provides a “negative keywords” feature that helps you to exclude unwanted words or phrases from your words.

Keyword Tool Pro offers a lot of advantages in terms of keyword volume and competition. I think it is a very useful tool to increase your success on YouTube. But it is overpriced in terms of price.

The plan starts at $69 per month and goes up to $159 per month.


VidIQ – Best Keyword Browser

A free tool for Chrome with a paid version as well. The tool displays the keywords YouTube SEO, which means that you do not need to exit YouTube while searching. It is quite similar to TubeBuddy and shows search volume, competition, related keywords, stats, keyword score, and more.

When researching competition keyword options. It shows you the competition on all social media. For example, there is a video that talks about the benefits of apples. You will search in the tool for the benefits of apples

The tool, in turn, will show you the spread of the video in various communication platforms, which will give you an impression of the effectiveness of the keyword on one Tawasul site without the other.

The tool allows you to have a unique feature, which is to search for a specific channel and discover its spread rate and the most influential videos in it.

As mentioned, the tool is free. But it offers other paid features. Try the free plan beforehand to see if it works for you.

one more time. VidIQ is the best alternative to the popular TubeBuddy. You can try it for free.


We’ll update the article if we find more best free youtube SEO tools. Until then, tell us which tool was the best for you?

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